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9557 - JPC + Copy

Payment Method: 

Simple and quick integration of self-service payment with any software solution! That is what the Jamex Payment Controller offers.

JPC+Copy extends the features of a standard Jamex Payment Controller to include control of a photocopier or multi-function product (MFP).  This allows a single vending system to communicate with software to facilitate payment for software functions and also allow self-service photocopying.  In addition, software may control the photocopier through JPC+Copy.


Connects simultaneously to both a PC and a copier/MFP

Accepts funds for print and copy from one system


Payment Method: 

Simple and cost effective, True-Count™ allows staff to easily enable and disable a copier while tracking the number of copies made.

True-Count™ is a remote copy controller.  With its digital display, True-Count™ is able to differentiate up to four different copy types.  Now equipment operators can distinguish between black & white  or color copies made on self-service photocopiers.

The clearly labeled buttons make for an intuitive user experience.  The easy to read multi-line display shows the number of each type of copy made while the copier was enabled.


Provides remote access control of MFP for sales staff

Enables/disables copier remotely with a button on the front panel of the True Count

Shows the number of copies made on an easy-to-read multi-line display

Recognizes up to four designated copy types

Receives power from PC via USB or included outlet adaptor

Includes a 25’ extension cable

Occupies minimal counter-top space

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