Print/PC/Scanner Management Software

Over twenty software vendors offer solutions that integrate with Jamex self-service payment systems. Below is a growing list of the companies who have print management, pc management, and scanner management software products that feature integration with Jamex self-service payment systems:

If you are an independent software vendor with a print management product and you would like to integrate self-service cash payment into your software, contact the Jamex business development team today to start the process.

Company Name Product Name                                            
A.N.D. Technologies PCounter  
Comprise Technologies SAM  
Cybrarian Cybrarian Corp  
EnvisionWare LPT:One  
Equitrac Page Counter  
iTeam Resources, Inc. PrintQuest  
Libdata Libshield  
Librarica CASSIE  
Open Sense Solutions, LLC Groovix  
Output Control Software OCS  
PaperCut PaperCut MF  
Pharos Uniprint  
Userful Userful Desktop  
VendPrint VendPrint  
Scannx Book ScanCenter  
e-ImageData ScanPro  
Indus International Book Scanner 9000  
iVina, Inc BookScan Station