6557 - JPC

Payment Method: 

Simple and quick integration of self-service payment with any software solution! That is what the Jamex Payment Controller offers.

The Jamex Payment Controller is a hardware device that provides a high level interface to payment peripherals such as coin and bill acceptors and stored-value card readers.  The base system consists of a main control board, an LCD display, and a power supply.  The payment peripherals that are available are a coin changer, a bill acceptor, and a Jamex stored-value card reader.  In addition there is an available receipt printer for providing customized text-based receipts.  All available coin changers accept nickels, dimes, quarters, and one dollar coins.  The standard changer pays back change in nickels, dimes, and quarters, while an upgraded changer also allows one dollar coins to be paid back as change.  The available bill validator accepts one, five, ten, and twenty dollar bills.  A stored value card reader allows access to funds on prepaid stored-value cards.  Any of the above peripherals may be mixed and matched as desired.


Allows charging for printer output from network computers

Enables print management software to access funds deposited in the payment system

Features a USB interface for integration with software applications

Extended Warranty
High-Capacity Coin Changer
Multiple Mounting Options
Model 7800 Internal Card Reader
One-year warranty
Toll-free technical support
Warranty parts ship overnight, no charge
Shipping Weight: 
60 lbs