What to do when the display is too light, too dark or blank

6551/52/57 Display

  1. The display intensity is incorrectly adjusted.

    1. Locate R2 On the Jamex main board. It is a dial just off center toward the "RESET" button.

    2. Turn the R2 dial clockwise to increase the display intensity and counter clockwise to decrease the display intensity.

  2. The display connection may be loose or disconnected from the Jamex board.

    1. Unplug the Jamex from the wall outlet.

    2. Locate display connector (P1) at the top right corner of the Jamex board.

    3. Check to see if the multicolored ribbon cable is properly connected.

      • Use caution when connecting the cable.

      • Orient the cable so that the yellow stripe of the cable is to the right.

      • Be sure the pins are aligned correctly with the socket (P1).

      • Be careful not to bend any of the pins. If this happens slowly and carefully straighten them.

    4. Reconnect the power and adjust R2 to the desired level.

  3. The Jamex Vend Station may be without power. Link to 6557 power issues.

  4. The display or Jamex board may have gone bad. Contact your dealer for a replacement.